How To Run On Php 53

Rector requires PHP 7.2 as min version. But what if you want to upgrade much older project, like PHP 7.0 or even 5.3?

The trick is in the separate Rector installation in own directory.

1. Install Rector

Create a directory parallel to your project, and install Rector there:

mkdir rector-standalone
cd rector-standalone
composer require rector/rector --dev

Now you have following file structure:


2. Setup PHP

Make sure you're using PHP 7.2+, so you can run Rector. It doesn't matter your project can handle only PHP 5.3, as Rector uses static parsing of code and never runs your project.

php --version
# PHP 7.2

3. Run Rector

Now move to /your-project and run Rector in it:

cd /your-project
php ../rector-standalone/vendor/bin/rector

It will create a rector.php config in your project directory:


Tune the config to fit your needs. We typically add the current project PHP version set, e.g.:


# rector.php
use Rector\Config\RectorConfig;
use Rector\Set\ValueObject\SetList;

return RectorConfig::configure()
        // and slowly level up
        // SetList::PHP_54,
        // SetList::PHP_55,

Now run Rector and see the diffs it suggests:

php ../rector-standalone/vendor/bin/rector --dry-run

Ready to go? Let's run Rector to refactor your code:

php ../rector-standalone/vendor/bin/rector

That's it!

Next step would be pull-request, merge and then bump to PHP_54 set.