We help you Reduce Costs and Erase Technical Debt

Your project is a success, but your technical debt is slowing you down?
Our clients used to have similar problem.

We help you to cut feature development costs to a fraction
and make your team productive and happy again.

We build a long-term and reliable relationship with you – our client.

Haphazard changes can quickly backfire and introduce regression bugs.
That's why we take small, safe, gradual steps to reach our goal.

Our cooperation has 2 phases.

Phase 1: Intro Analysis

In short

  •   We sign NDA, so you're safe with repository share
  •   We deep dive into your codebase
  •   We run automated tools to find spots we'll have to address during the upgrade
  •   We highlight specific weak spots
  •   We deliver a plan detailing upgrade steps
  •   Every phase has a detailed scope and explain its role in the process
  • Delivered in 3 weeks
  •   One time charge of 6 000-8 000 €

In the first meeting, you'll tell us about you problems, state of your project and your goals.

We want to make sure we are able to help you within your time and budget constraints. We do that by doing and "intro analysis" of your project. That means we look into your codebase, where we explore the weak spots that would complicate the process.

We sign an NDA, so your project is safe with us.

After you share a Git repository with us, we measure project size and comlexity, and give you intro analysis quota – a one-time charge that ranges 6 000-8 000 €.

After we confirm the price, we send you an invoice. Upon the payment we start to work on the intro analysis.

Result of this phase is a PDF report with timeline and step-by-step process tailored to your project. To give you an idea about the contents of intro analysis, we prepared a demo intro analysis.

After we deliver the intro analysis in PDF, you can explore the plan with your team.
Then we'll have a call about next steps.
We agree on the best place to start and move to the 2nd phase.

Phase 2: Hands-on Upgrade

In short

  •   We handle full project upgrade
  •   We improve your CI with advanced tooling
  •   We share our experience of 50+ project upgrades
  •   We handle upgrade and code-quality back and forth, as both are need to healthy project
  •   You learn smart tricks with tools you already use
  •  Typically 6-12 months
  •   Charged hourly, from 20 hours/week
    and 140-160 €/hour

In this phase, we provide 20-40 hours/week of direct help, depending on the pace you prefer. We dedicate a developer with Rector experience on legacy code to your project.

We'll work on improving code quality to make bigger changes more reliable and stable. We start with low-hanging fruit so your team feels comfortable with us.

We always deliver as small changes as possible, so you can understand changes yourself and merge it immediately. We make sure the work is always in a finished state, no weeks-ongoing in-the-air changes.

We work in parallel to your team, so you can keep delivering features and grow your business.

We can schedule once-a-month meeting to discuss progress, blockers and address just in time direction of the upgrade.

Ready for phase 1? Contact us