Sometimes the Rector crashes on exception and we need more detailed output to fix it or report a bug.

You can use --debug option, that will print nested exceptions output:

vendor/bin/rector process src/Controller --debug

This option additionally disables parallel processing for debug purposes.


You can also make use of xdebug:

  1. Make sure Xdebug is installed and enabled
  2. Add --xdebug option when running Rector
vendor/bin/rector process src/Controller --dry-run --xdebug

Reporting a Bug with Demo

The best way to report a bug is then find the smallest possible rector.php config and single file in your project that causes the crash. Do not copy-paste the whole file, it would be miss leading. The crash usually happens on a 5-10 lines of code.

When you identify those, use to create a reproducer.

Then you can create an an issue or even a tests. Just click on the button on the right under the code.