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Upgrade PHP

We help successful and growing companies to get the most of the code they already have.

Reduce maintenance cost, make feature delivery cheaper
and turn legacy code into sustainable code.


We Deliver 10x Faster and Cheaper
Thanks to Experience With 50+ Upgrades

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* Based on average data from 37 projects.

90% of problems you'll face are new to you.

We've already seen them and know exactly how to solve them quickly, efficiently and effectively.


Rector Empowers Your Project

Get High-Quality Code

Improves your code quality code to the highest possible level. The knowledge is embedded in the Rector rules and sets. All you have to do is to run and apply them to your code base.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

As they say: the first upgrade is the hardest. Once you get past PHP 8.0 and have a full-blown Rector CI setup, the time to upgrade to the latest PHP drops to hours.

Remove Technical Debt

How do you tackle technical debt in a project with 10,000 files? One by one? With Rector, the size doesn't matter, and removing technical debt is a clear and confident process.


15 companies hired us this year to improve their PHP code and reduce technical debt


What Do Companies Love About Rector?

"Thanks to Rector, we were able to quite simply refactor the core of our API, which saved a lot of work that our developers would otherwise have to do manually."

Milan Mimra, CTO at Spaceflow

"I'm extremely pleased with the progress we are making. It's really come a long way."

William Adam Gleiss, VP of Technology at aRes Travel

"From upgrading our legacy projects and improving team's productivity, to making code review easier and reliable, Rector is in the center within our PHP ecosystem."

Nathan Page, Technical Lead at EONX



Can Rector upgrade PHP 5.3 code?

Yes, Rector seamlessly upgrades code from PHP 5.3 to PHP 8.3.

What's the typical timeframe for an upgrade?

Time varies per project, but most upgrades are completed within 6 to 12 months.

We're in a hurry. Can you start today?

We begin with a 3-week intro analysis, followed by immediate upgrade work.

We have a dozen of projects. Do you have to make an intro analysis on each of them?

No. We analyze the largest project first, then guide you in applying changes to others.

Will we need to re-hire your team for future upgrades?

No. Our aim is to make your team self-sufficient. We improve your code quality, type coverage and PHPStan level to the highest possible level.
When we finish, you'll have Rector in your CI working for you. Your next upgrade will take a single day.

Can we continue developing new features during the upgrade?

Absolutely. Our upgrade process runs parallel to your ongoing development, ensuring no slowdown in your business growth.

Can you migrate our framework to an open-source one?

Yes. We specialize in framework migration, leveraging our extensive experience and custom Rector rules.

Our last upgrade took 12 months with no result. How do you help us to avoid it?

The art of cost-effective upgrades takes years of experience with dozens of projects.
We focus on small, targeted changes with quick integration, ensuring continuous improvement and avoiding long, fruitless upgrade cycles.